This site created purely after many readings and lamenting of how hard working all other translators were. I also enjoyed reading foreign novels, but didn’t do much to contribute, I couldn’t donate or translate. Until one day, hey-ho! White Tiger Trans was created. Now I aim to contribute to the online translating community and let more people enjoy more web novels.

Also please excuse the many typos and and errors that may occur, the team is very small and we just started.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own or claim to have created any of these stories. All credits go to the author themselves.

The Team

Erza – The name comes from manga that I read; Fairy Tail~ Erza Scarlet. She’s such a badass character! 😉 A procrastinator and should be studying for the most important test of my life in 2016, but instead I am translating, reading manga/web novels and watching anime. I literally have no social life, except for my school friends. Sometimes I think I live under a rock.

Yan – Hi, I pop in from time to time to translate

Ben – Living that unemployed life after finishing Uni, should be spending more time on  job applications and less time on Light Novels and manga. Accidently ended up volunteering to help edit it seems, New editor no flame. 

Also Ben thinks this: (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧ is an animal………I say it’s a face. What do you guys think?

Have a nice day and enjoy our translations.

p.s. Don’t binge read by cutting down sleep, work, social life and generally everything! (Which I’m kinda doing) XD 😉


11 thoughts on “About

      • I was wondering did you have any interest in trying to translate The Great Conquerer still? Since there haven’t been any activity for it since you asked about it back in 2015. At this point it pretty much been given up on by the current translator. Its still at ch. 2.

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      • Well, when I realized it was being translated I stopped. But as for continuing, I think I shall not do it. I don’t want to take up too many projects only to drop them in the end.

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  1. Please fix the links to the last three parts of Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Own Husband. According to the comment on Chap 9 part 1 the links have been broken since April of last year. I commented about the broken link now on that story, but what are the chances you will read my comment there if you ignored other reader before. So I am posting anywhere I can on your blog to let you know about the problem. Desperate for the ending! You can’t just leave readers hanging with the lead in jail and an evil woman taking her husband away.

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