The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Husband Chapter 1, Part 1

Chapter 1, Part 1

Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

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The Tang Dynasty second year (AD 68)

The early summer grass had already started to grow in the Mongolian grasslands, even though some of the mountains were still covered in a blanket of  snow. Wild geese flew across the skies and even the eagles flew away too, leaving behind only the clear blue sky.

Two black horses could be seen traversing these plains. On one horse was an elderly man and other held a young woman.

The elderly man’s eyebrows, hair and beard were all quite long and were as white as the snow on the mountains behind them. The man’s eyes also held an inner shine.While the young lady wore a long head scarf, her eyebrows curved like the crescent moon. Her looks were not too ordinary but not too astonishing, however her grace and poise was outstanding.

As the two black horses walked around a small hill, the two passengers were shocked by the scene before them. They simultaneously gripped their reins tightly to calm down their raging horses.

With corpses littered everywhere, it was a sight to behold. One could see that the corpses either wore the Turkish or Tang Army clothes.

“Master!” The young women cried, for she had never seen such a large amount of dead bodies, leaving her speechless. how is she speechless yet still calling out…

The elderly man just squinted his eyes slightly and said: “When going/leaving the battlefield, you will all depart to the Underworld and be buried in the same yellow earth. Why go to the trouble of battling?”

After saying this, the elderly man shook the reins and the horse detoured around the mountain and the bodies, continuing to head south. The young women followed suit, closing her eyes and while she waited for the horse to finish its journey through the corpses.

Hearing the horses’ whines, the Grand Marshal of the Tang Army, Qi Er Lun woozily awoke. Staggering, he supported/mustered his wounded and bruised body to grab onto the ankle of the rider.

The young woman couldn’t help but cry out in fear and tightly squeeze the horse’s stomach, making the horse bolt forward.

Unfortunately Qi Er Lun clutched her ankle tightly and was dragged a fair distance before the elderly man rode up pulled the reins to stop the rampaging horse.

“Luo-er calm down, Luo-er calm down.” The elderly man tenderly pacified his beloved disciple.

(TLN: Just in case, “er” is a term of endearment used for people you are close to. Much like how the japanese use -kun & -chan.)

Calming her nerves, Fang Yun Luo looked down at the person who was holding her ankle: “Master, this person…….”

“This person still breathes, but with your sudden actions, I’m afraid…..”

Hearing this, Fang Yun Luo immediately descended from her horse to check the man’s pulse.

“Master, although this man’s breath is but a sliver, he still has hope.” Bet he had more before you tried to kill him

The elderly man promptly jumped down from the horse and stopped Qi Er Lun’s twelve channels and began to examine his heart vessels.

“First go find a place to treat him.”

Although the elderly man looked thin, he easily picked up the tall and muscular Qi Er Lun and slung him over the saddle. Then he gave the reins to his disciple.

Swiftly, Fan Yun Luo urged the two black horses forward. Obediently they complied and galloped forwards.

Whilst the elderly man followed behind easily like a butterfly. His movement was profound like in the legends.

Not long after, they had came across a water source. Near the water was an abandoned shack that was filled with military weapons, clearly from a local village.

“Master, a Tang Army camp presumably. They were probably ambushed and did not have enough time to pack everything. It is a good place to nurse/treat his wounds!” Descending from the horse, Fang Yun Luo lead to the horses to the river, allowing them  to drink, eat and rest.

The senior carried Qi Er Lun into the shack, laid him down and took off his helmet. “Judging from his attire, he is most likely a high-ranking officer and extraordinarily brave.”

“He is indeed brave beyond compare. From a pool/mountain? of corpses, he was the only one to survive.” Fang Yun Luo said while turning her body; she did not dare to look at his naked body.

“Feng-er, turn around. If you are to be a doctor, there is no distinction between males and females, and apart from looking and smelling you must also bandage and apply medicine.” If one is to apply the medicine and bandage the wounds, then they must have physical contact.

After sticking out her tongue, Fan Yun Luo turned around and slowly shifted her gaze to the man’s chest. “Oh my! The amount of sword wounds he had suffered were quite a lot. How is he still alive?” Each of the sword wounds went to the bone.

“That is why I said he is brave beyond compare.” Saying this, the senior got up and exited the room. “He is now your patient!”


Seeing her master casually leaving the room, Fang Yun Luo could only resignedly lead forward to inspect, clean and bandage the wounds. After busying herself with the treatment for two hours, she realised that her master’s words were serious. He had not entered once to help.

She had already known that her master’s words were serious. Her three sisters and herself had studied under their master for many years, learning the art of medicine. Though in these year, they had done many things, apart from treating males.

This journey only consisted of her master and herself, for they were searching for some medicinal flowers. Her other three disciple sisters remained at Mount. Changbai with their Patriarch, further training their medicinal pellet refining skills.

Her perspiration dripping, released her perfume’s aroma. Then using both her hands, she released the seal that her master previously put on the man’s twelve channels, watching as the blood slowly stopped. Finishings the final wrapping, she exited the room.

“Master you left your dear disciple to work by herself. Completing the many tasks while you napped here, where is your conscience?”

“The one who has no conscience is you, girl. Originally his injuries were not that severe, but you who spurred your horse and dragged him around aggravated them. What if something unexpected happened to this Tang Officer. I was worried you would not be able to live with yourself.”

“Then this disciple must be grateful to her master?”

“This is nothing between a master and his disciple, no need to be this polite.” Apart from being an odd expert in medicine, he is also quite mischievous.

These four disciple sisters were all from well-bred families and were all raised proper. With the subtle influences of their lives, they were all quite intelligent.

Pouting, she sneakily glanced and muttered to her master: “Master I’m afraid my skills were not enough. I may have ruined the good name of the Changbai School.”

Hearing this, the elderly man sprinted inside to check his beloved disciple’s handiwork.

It was not because he was afraid that she wound scar the Chang Bai School’s good name, but because he didn’t want to disappoint the ancestors. Also he didn’t want his first disciple to charged with murder under the law.

It was only at this moment the master realised he had been tricked by his beloved disciple. She was personally trained by him, so what could he say?

Entering the room again, Fang Yun Luo chuckled out: “Master, it really should be you who does the treating. Otherwise I might really treat him to death.” It was just because she was not used to seeing naked men.

She wants to set him up? “Brother, if you were to die, please do not seek me for revenge, but the one whom’s ankle you grabbed.” Finishing this statement, the elderly left, chortling.

“Master, are you not afraid that nobody will look after you when you are older?” In reality, the master was already quite old and the Patriarch was even older. But they never asked their four disciples to attend to them.

Just as Fan Yun Luo was just about to leave Qi Er Lun weakly called out.

“Water, water…….”

With nothing else she could do, she slowly poured the water into his mouth.

Face to face, she fed him the water. Looking at the man’s face, she saw that he was quite handsome,possessing a tall broad stature, strong charisma, and the defining facial features of those grassland men. Looking at him, she couldn’t help but be mesmerised.

Clearly you could see that in his body, followed another ethnics blood. How could he be part of the Tang Army?

It did not matter to her, for you save people regardless of their race. She continued to feed him the water and even gently wiped the stray water droplets from his mouth.

Meanwhile, as Qi Er Lun was drinking the water, he smelled a rare but fragrant perfume, it was a flowery smell. As he continued smelling that faint perfume, he slowly regained consciousness.

As the evening descended upon the great plains, the temperatures quickly plummeted and within the shack it there was only a  dim light.

Gradually Qi Er lun opened his eyes, and in the dim light of the room, he could not clearly the girl’s appearance. Occasionally however he would gets whiffs of her scent coming from beside him.

“Miss……” He didn’t believe that he had died. He was leading a small troop of cavalry along a lone route when Turkish forces ambushed them at midnight. Although his men suffered a great number of casualties, the Turks were annihilated. He had also survived, signalling his victory.

“My lord’s injuries are not serious anymore, but it is suggested to not talk as much as possible.”

Right then, from afar you could hear a horse galloping over, urging Fang Yun Luo outside.

“Luo-er, some Tang troops have arrived, so we can now depart.” The master said from the top of the horse.

“Master, please wait for me.” Sprinting back into the shack, Fang Yun Luo handed two bottles of medicine over to Qi Er Lun. “Here are some pills and cream to smear on your wounds. You are the first man I have ever treated and bandaged, so don’t you dare die. Otherwise it will ruin my reputation.”

Since she had started to inherit her master’s legacy, she must also start to develop her reputation.

“Miss!”  He cried as he tried to grab her, but Qi Er Lun only caught air.

Reputation? What type of woman is that girl?

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