The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Husband Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2 Part 2

Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

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After a long and tiring trip, the travel weary Fang Yun Luo had finally arrived at Tai Yuan.

When she travelled with her master across the Yangtze River, she had never been this tired. When she travelled, she used to always ride a horse, unlike this time; holed inside a horse carriage for an entire month.

(TLN: Yangtze River doesn’t mean the river but an idiom for travelling great distances.)

When they arrive at the Marquis’ residence, a servant had long since been prepared to receive them on/upon their arrival; and immediately they were lead through the back door and into the mansion.

“My lady, you have arrived at the Marquis’ residence. Please prepare to leave the carriage!”

As soon as Fang Yun Luo stepped out of the carriage, Lieutenant Ai Li came up and told her: “Long live the Princess, long live the princess.”

(TLN: Just a title, doesn’t mean she is actually a royal princess)

“Get up now!” If not for the past two years of forced etiquette lessons, she would not have been used to this type of treatment; seeing a person kneeling.

“As tradition my lady, before you have officially married, you may not meet with the Marquis. This servant will first lead my lady to the east wing to rest. Tomorrow evening you must prepare for the marriage.”

“The Marquis is too considerate. What is your name?” Fang Yun Luo politely enquired.

“This servant is Ai Li, and I am the Deputy General to the Marquis. Though, since the war has ended I am the manager of the mansion.”

“Thank you Ai Li. Please lead the way!”

“Please, my lady.”

When she arrived at the East Wing, she admired the beauty of the man-made garden. Then she entered her assigned room.

Placed on the room’s table was a dragon candle and phoneix coronet. A scarlet red silk blanket adorned the bed and the word happiness was embroidered on it. Giving off an air of joy and celebration.

She couldn’t believe that she was about to become a married woman and wife to a man.

“Ai Li, forgive me for bothering you, but could you go call for a servant to plant the herbs that I brought with me in the back courtyard garden.” Those herbs were all very delicate. They were picked by her master from deep within mountain ranges, burning plains and painstakingly regrown. They were all quite rare and effective in treating those incurable diseases.

“Understood, this servant will immediately go complete it.”

“Ai Li could you also tell them to be very careful and not to smash them.”

“Understood.” This future mistress was very strange. She did not worry about the safety of her dowry; all the gold, silvers and jewels, but mere herbs. She also used a lot of effort to transport them from Chang’an all the way to Tai Yuan.

“Ai Li wait. I have some letters I need you to transfer to the Marquis.” From within her sleeves, Fang Yun Luo took out some letters and handed them to Ai Li.

Holding his hands high, Ai Li received these letters. “This servant will now leave.” But before he left, he secretly took a quick glance at Fang Yun Luo.

She was not beautiful like her mother, she wasn’t fidgety like her mother, but her delicate face was filled an inner strength. The grace that she showed was neither fake or extravagant but one of pure bearing. This was like a true noble’s bearing. Not even the most beautiful of women in the borderlands were able to match to her grace and poise, and that grace was very pleasing to others.

“Jin Xiu, I am very tired and wish to rest.” On her journey, she had to stop many times to help treat illnesses. She couldn’t refuse for she felt duty-bound to help these people. These treatments were at any given time, causing her to lose much time. Due to this, often she would have to travel late at night in order to arrive in time for the wedding.

“My lady, you are tired so please go rest. I will enquire about the mansion’s current situation and then go get your bath water ready and help you prepare.”

“You are tired too. Let us both rest, there is plenty of time for you to learn about the mansion’s current situation.”

“I cannot my lady. You must know the situation. Tomorrow night you will be wedded to the Marquis and cannot possibly marry him without knowing anything.”

“Jin Xiu, you worry that I am unable to properly become the Princess.” Although Jin Xiu had a point, she was absolutely certain of her situation.

“It is not because I believe that you are unable to properly become the Princess, but the madam explicitly asked me to look after you. So I will have to constantly help my lady and learn about the affairs of her surroundings.”

“Ok, I can’t seem to win against you.” Helplessly Fang Yun Luo laughed.

“Then please rest well my lady. I will now leave.”

Fang Yun Lou nodded her head and Jin Xiu exited the room.

As Jin Xiu exited the East Wing, she chanced upon to serving girls; one was holding a high quality silk dress and the other held a beautiful pearl ornament while they walked towards the West Wing.

(TL: Oh, I wonder who’s that for……..???  ੧| ‾́ω ‾́ |੭)

Why didn’t they walk towards the East Wing? She was thoroughly puzzled.

Curiously, she followed those two serving girls towards the West Wing. When they are had arrived at a similar room, Jin Xiu slowed her steps.

“Lady Yun, these were sent over from the Marquis. He wanted to give the Princess his blessings and wear them.” Simultaneously they blessed her and put the things down on the table.

“You may retire!” Lan Yun impatiently waved her hands. When she thought that Qi Er Lun was going to marry that Fang Yun Luo, even her most beloved things couldn’t sate her rage.

“Yes.” The two serving girls then exited the room.  

“Lady Yun, the Marquis really treats you well! not only does he often spend the night here, but he also frequently sends gifts over. The Marquis is only marrying the Fang Princess because of an Imperial Edict against his wishes. Please understand. Furthermore, all these things are an expression of his feelings!”

(TLN: Okay guys you must be slightly confused with all the princesses. The “real” Princess title should go to Fang Yun Luo, but they are calling Lan Yun “Princess” is because they are trying to appease her and she is the favourite of the Marquis. She is also a legitimate Princess.)

The girl speaking was Qiu Yue, who was Lan Yun’s personal maid sent by Qi Er.

“It’s only because he treats me well that I am able to barely endure. Just because she is the daughter of the Prime Minister, she can’t be angered? Why I am the Turkish Princess and the number one beauty too. I don’t believe that she is more beautiful than me.” Sooner or later, she would be sitting on the Princess’ throne. (Primary Wife)

(Geez beauty is not everything. that other girl has a better personality)

“Lady Yun you truly are a beauty. Even all of the Imperial Consorts in the Royal Harem may not even compare.” It was just that in terms of temperament, she was slightly lacking. (“slightly”)

“Qiu Yue, help me think of a way to make the Marquis come to my room after his wedding tomorrow night (VIXEN) otherwise I wouldn’t be able to swallow it. You also know that the Princess position should be mine.” Yan Yun firmly believed that Qi Er’s heart belonged to her. Even if he did bed other women in the past years, they were only for a night. For he would always return to her bed.

“My Lady Yun, it’s the wedding night of the Marquis and the Fang Princess!”

“Making the Marquis come to my room on the night of his wedding shows my position in his heart is higher than that Princess.”

Let alone the that, the fact the Marquis wants her to bear his heirs, shows her importance.

“My Lady Yun, what if this Princess is not easily trifled with? We would be asking for trouble.” Qiu Yue worriedly asked.

“Whether she is easily trifled with or not, we would not know unless we try. We have the Marquis at our backs, what is there to fear!” Lan Yun laughed while crooning.

“You speak the truth. Then let me see.”

Meanwhile, Jin Xiu saw that the two maids had exited the room and swiftly followed them, exiting the West Wing.

After Jin Xiu exited the West Wing, she called to the two maids: “My fellow two sisters, please wait a bit.”

Those two stopped their steps and turned around to face Jin Xiu.

One of the serving girls with a top bun asked: “This fellow sister  looks unfamiliar. Are you new here?”

“Correct. I just saw these two sisters exit from there. Do you know what type of person is living there?” Jin Xiu asked while pointing towards the West Wing.

“Lady Yun resides there.” There were all serving girls, so they didn’t hide anything.

“Who is Lady Yun to the lord?” For a person to receive high quality silk clothes and pearl jewellery, they were definitely highly regarded by the Marquis.

“Lady Yun is the Lord’s concubine.” She was definitely new here, since she didn’t even recognise Lady Yun.

“Concubine? Isn’t the Lord preparing to marry tomorrow night, so how can he already have a concubine?”

One of the serving girls then said: “Lady Yun is no ordinary concubine, for the Lord practically lives in the West Wing. So us servants must have eyes and try to obey Lady Yun as much as possible.”

“Then would you not obey the Princess?” Her face slightly falling, Jin Xiu asked.

“Of course we will obey. Afterall, the Princess is in charge of the mansion’s affairs. It is just that the Princess may not be able to obtain the lord’s affection.”

“That may not be the case.” Even the Empress and the Emperor both adore her family’s daughter very much. Jin Xiu didn’t believe that this battle worn Marquis had no eyes.

“Since you are new here, then you haven’t met Lady Yun yet. Her beauty is comparable to a deity, and we have yet to see anyone more beautiful than her.”

Beauty comparable to a deity! Then my Lady definitely cannot compare. And my Lady only uses natural rouge, now we can only count on the Lord and wait and see if he has such tastes.

“This newcomer sister, which area are you in charge of?”

“The Household Manager has yet to arrange it. I have to go meet the Household Manager now, so I hope to see you again.” Promptly Jin Xiu turned around and left.

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  1. Somehow, I am getting more and more angrier?
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    I hope the female lead changes him for the better or have him work for her love in the future.


  2. Thank you for the translation. I don’t like the Turks princess already. She maybe an actual princess but she has no personality but someone who is very selfish. Come to think of it she maybe love herself more than the Marquis. Can’t wait for female lead to put this Turks princess in her place a mere concubine.

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    • I don’t think that he has even bestowed her with the rank of concubine He is just sleeping with her and the other concubines too. He’s not dedicated to anyone Just likes to have sex. Just my thoughts on this
      Thank you for this translation


  3. Pretty predictable if you ask me, they somehow get together in the end and there will also be another male rival. The male rival is either a pure honest man or the playboy type. Well this is what i think though.

    Thanks for the chapter.


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