The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Husband Chapter 4 Part 2

Chapter 4 Part 2

Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

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When they got onto the bed, Qi Er Lun surprisingly kept his word and did not touch Fang Yun Luo. And due to the drug that he took, soon passed out.

As his breaths, evened out, Fang Yun Luo opened her eyes to look at his face.

Using her hand she gently touched, his sturdy but manly face. As her finger moved, it gave her a melancholic feeling. Sighing out she said: “Seems some are destined to have no chance.”

Stealthily, she moved her body closer to his and leaned onto his shoulder, muttering to herself: “My Lord, this is what you have said. I can touch you, but you can’t touch me.”

(ED: oh my, what’s this….hmmmmm wow. women. no self control. even drugs him before hand to have her way. tch)

Calmly she listened to his heartbeat, breathing in his scent. And as the the dragon phoneix candle burned, she also drifted off to sleep.

With a rooster call, Qi Er Lun awoke. When he opened his eyes, he felt that his sleep was very filling; so good that he momentarily forgot his memories from last night and where he was.

Turning around, he looked at the person in his embrace, and his memories from last night, slowly came back. But his last memory was climbing onto the bed with the Princess, and nothing else!

He was not a person to sleep deeply. After the many years of war, he had learned to sleep lightly; not even the wind blowing past could escape his ears. Last night, he merely wanted to sleep the night and had promised not to touch the Princess, he could not have…….

Looking at how both people still had their clothes on, Qi Er Lun was certain that nothing happened. Releasing out a deep breath, he inhaled again; with it, came a sweet scent to his nose. Smelling this, bought a deep sense of regret.

Qi Er Lun turned to look at her again, seeing her graceful aura and lovable face, fast asleep she revealed a refined nature. Even though she could not compare to Lan Yun’s beauty, she could attract his gaze more readily. Gently he stroked her hair, he didn’t dare to move even an inch of his body as to awaken her. Afraid that she would use it as an excuse to avoid him.

Fang Yun Lai choose to wake at that moment, discovering that she was within Qi Er Lun’s arms. Immediately she rolled out of bed, her two cheeks burning.  

While the corners of Qi Er Lun’s mouth perked up. It was not his usual arrogant and wild laughter, that was firmly secured behind his lips.

He also rolled out of bed: “This Lord does not really mind being a pillow for the Princess, and my arms are always open to you.”

Listening to this, Fang Yun Luo’s cheeks became as red as tomatoes. This embarassed her to no end. She was the one to advance, so what could she say?

Gracefully rising from the couch bed, she bowed her head and said softly: “This servant wishes to pay respects to the Lord. This servant will immediately call for the maids to come and freshen you up, bringing with them a fresh change of clothes. Then inform Lady Yun to prepare to eat breakfast with you.”

The current her, held the tenderness of an unmarried daughter, unlike her past carefree nature from her travels. This attracted Qi Er Lun’s pity. Taking his hands out, he helped her stand up. “This Lord will stay here and accompany the Princess for breakfast.”

All morning, Fang Yun Luo was busy meeting all of the mansion’s members, while also giving each person a red bag as a first meeting present.

(TLN: How generous. A red bag is a Chinese tradition given out during special occasions e.g. New Year, birthdays, etc. They always contain money.)

Everybody’s impression of the Princess was at the peak, and when they learned that she knew the art of Qi Huang, their respect for her grew even more.

Even Qi Er Lun could not take his eyes off her; her actions were very appropriate.

After the various servants left, Lan Yun entered the anteroom.

“Lan Yun kowtows to the Lord and the Princess. Long live the Lord and the Princess!” Disregarding the social etiquette, Lan Yun went to stare at Fang Yun Luo. She hadn’t thought she would be this ugly.

how rude! nasty woman

Fang Yun Luo met the hostility in her eyes and smiled sweetly. “You must be the Lady Yun. Here a gift for our meeting.”

This was exactly the reason why she never competed with others. When competing, a person’s mind would be blinded by jealousy, they would lose sight of themselves and degrade themselves. The final results were never positive; you lose yourself, and are never able to retrieve it.

She believed that there are definitely ones who will only love one person; she just needed to take her time to find one.

“Thanks to the Lord and the Princess.” On Lan Yun’s face was a very obvious smile of distaste. It easily revealed that Fang Yun Luo’s appearance was only so-so in her eyes.

At this moment, Ai Li walked in, leading with him, a soldier dressed in a full body armor.

“The frontline soldier kowtows pick one already 😛 to the Lord.” As he knelt to the ground, the armor clashed together, echoing throughout the room.

“Leaving the frontlines to deliver a message means it must be urgent. Please get up and report.”

“My Lord, the soldiers who are currently guarding the borders, suddenly took ill to an unknown sickness. Also many were severely wounded after battle. There is also a high chance of the infection spreading. So I beg to the Lord, that you please send over a doctor to the borders to help stop the epidemic from spreading even further. ”

Qi Er Lun’s pupils slightly contracted, and promptly ordered: “Ai Li, go put up a request asking for a doctor to go to the borderlands. He who volunteers will be heavily rewarded.”


The soldier urgently said: “My Lord, the medicinal herbs that we have are being quickly depleted. So before the doctor comes, we must send over more supplies.”

“Ai Li, go complete them together!”


“Soldier, you may go rest now. You can return tomorrow.” Qi Er Lun instructed him.

“This soldiers gives thanks to the Lord.”

After Ai Li departed, Qi Er Lun was about to exit the anteroom too.

“My Lord, please stay.” Fang Yun Luo called out, going to Qi Er Lun’s side.

“The Princess has a problem?”

“My Lord, can this servant register for the enlistment?” When she heard of this strange sickness, with a doctor’s heart, with a challenger’s heart, she wanted to go explore.  

“The barracks would be full of men. It is not suitable for the Princess to show her face to the public.” Even if there were no doctors available, he could not possibly allow a female to go the barracks.

“My Lord, I have already sworn an oath before my master’s master, my patriarch; When you see an illness you must cure, there is no rich or poor and there is no male or female. Please allow this servant to go the borderlands.”

“The barracks are not a place where women should go.” Quickening his pace, Qi Er Lun prepared to leave.

Swiftly, Fang Yun Luo used her body to block his path. Respectfully, she knelt to the ground refusing to move. “Saving people is like putting out a fire. Could the Lord please reconsider.”

“Princess, I am sure that within the city, there will be many doctors willing to enlist. I ask the Princess to remain in the city.” QI Er lun replied as he took a step and went around her.

Lightly, Fang Yun Luo shuffled a few steps, and once again blocked Qi Er Lun’s path. “My Lord, please allow me.”

Qi Er Lun’s eye fell onto her downcast but stubborn figure. Within the army, his words were absolute commands and never had anyone dared to challenge or disobey them. To boldly challenge his authority made him quickly lose his patience, yet he could not refuse her request. Suddenly he commanded: “Apart from the Princess, you may all retire.”

As the people retired from the room, Lan Yun was sniggering at Fang Yun Luo’s inability to differentiate the good from the bad. She did not know what an angered Qi Er Lun was like; he did not like others to be against him. Wordlessly, she followed the others out.

Looking at the Lord’s formidable and inviolatiable manner, Jin Xiu worriedly paced around Fang Yun Luo. After walking around to the anteroom door, no matter what, she could not step over the ledge outside. Swiftly she turned around and ran to Qi Er Lun, kneeling down in front of him.

“My Lord, if the Princes has in anyway offended the Lord, this servant is willing to take the Princess’ punishment.”

“Jin Xiu, quickly withdraw.” Fang Yun Luo helped Jin Xiu up, wanting her to quickly leave. She knew that her own stubbornness had angered Qi Er Lun, but she could not possibly allow Jin Xiu to accept her punishment.

“My Lady!” Jin Xiu shook her head.

“Jin Xiu Retire.” Qi Er Lun once again ordered.

Qi Er Lun’s manner, once again made Jin Xiu afraid to disobey. She swiftly retired tearfully.

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  2. I second that. Perhaps she can disguise herself as a man doctor and sneak into the camp. I don’t think other doctors will show up.
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