The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Husband Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 6 Part 2

Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

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“Qiu Yue, recently you volunteered to help with the treatment of injured soldiers. It couldn’t be that you fell in love with Doctor Yan?” She mockingly asked.

How could Qiu Yue not be able to hear her mocking tone. Hearing her, she exaggeratedly stammered: “This one….this one has not.”

“Qiu Yue, this Doctor Yan in any case is a doctor and is also the Lord’s subordinate. You are only a nameless maid and your looks are not even that great. Don’t even dream about it!” Lan Yun placed too much concern on her looks, and always cruelly used her own beauty to remind others of their ordinary looks. Even with her own personal handmaid she did not let off.

Qiu Yue’s face was red and white: “Lady Yun, Qiu Yue knows that her status is low. I absolutely won’t have any out of place ideas.”

Lady Yun has also discovered she quite likes Doctor Yan, and he always encouraged Qiu Yue to increase her medical knowledge. Anything that she did not understand, she could come and ask him, meticulously shortening the distance between her and Doctor Yan.

She was wholeheartedly loyal to her master and yet why did she abruptly pour cold water on her?

“If you want to marry, go choose a servant from the mansion and I will go ask the Lord to allow you to marry them!” Lan Yun thought she was empathising with her servant, but she completely ignored Qiu Yue’s sorrow and grief.

“Lady Yun, Qiu Yue does not want to marry. Qiu Yue only wants to serve Lady Yun. Thank you Lady Yun for your good intentions.”

The reason why she was a servant was because her family had suffered a reversal of fortune. Her father died early and her mother died from a sickness. Fortunately she had gone to school, so she could read and write, and knew the word love. She would not marry so easily.

“Okay. No need to continue combing. You have to go look after the injured soldiers. I want to ride a horse and go for a walk.” She had grew up in the great grasslands, so she couldn’t get used to being inside all day long.

“Yes.” Putting the comb back in front of the mirror, Qiu Yue felt inferior looking in the mirror. Lowering her head, she left the room.

Lan Yun the took a horse and rode out of the camp, soon someone riding a horse caught up. When she heard the horse’s hooves pounding, she slowed down. She wanted to urge the horse and leave, but there was not enough time. A cold broadsword immediately appeared at her neck.

She gripped the reins tightly, and didn’t even dare to turn her head around. Pretending to be calm and collected she said: “This is the area of the Tang Army under the control of the Governor of Tai Yuan. He is my husband, and you better not act recklessly.”

“I know that the Governor of Tai Yuan is your husband. Lan Yun, I trust you have been well since we last met!” The Turk man wielding the broadblade gnashed his teeth together.  

The Turkish King had promised him that as long as he defeated the Tang Army, he would give the most beautiful Turkish women to him to marry. Yet before he could complete this task, she had betrayed her Uncle and climbed into Qi Er Lun’s bed.

“Tu Da!” Lan Yun turned around to see her Uncle’s number one warrior. Only to see him dressed as a Tang Army soldier.

“Why are you mixing with the Tang Army?” Lan Yun’s Uncle still wanted to send troops to rebel?

“You are very surprised right?” Tu Da looked at her with an eye of contempt. “You whore, looks like your fortune in Qi Er Lun’s bed is not bad.”

Lan Yun didn’t dare to respond. She could hear that Tu Da was extremely furious, and her martials arts was only so-so. She was definitely not an opponent for the number one Turkish warrior.

“Follow me.”

“Go where?” She was really afraid that Tu Da would treat her unfavourably.

Duh. You kind of betrayed them

Tu Da just pulled on her horse’s reins, leading the way.

“Tu Da, where exactly is this place?” They rode past a mountain and had just entered a manor. The people in the courtyard have presumably fled from the war or were from the south.

After entering the manor, Tu Da finally spoke: “This is the place where some brothers and I have infiltrated, the Tang Army’s temporary resting place.”

“What reason did you bring me here for?”

“What are you afraid of? Afraid that I will kill you? It’s true that I want to kill you. Although you have betrayed the Turkish people, I will not kill you. I will bring you back to the grasslands.” She was too beautiful, so beautiful it made people drool. A fierce personality really suited her.

She should be his. Originally he was interested in her, and she knew he was a treasure in the Turkish male community. He even made all of the Turkish women fall head over heels in love with him. It was just Tu Da had never confessed to her.

Not only Tu Da the number one warrior, his external features were the best in the entire clan. Before meeting Qi Er Lun, he was a hero in her heart.

(TL: Only looking at outside appearances.)

She boldly conjectured and asked: “You infiltrated the Tang Army to find me?”

“Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect to find you. My true goal was to kill Qi Er Lun. Within his body, also flows the blood of my clan, but he chose to serve the Tang Empire.” If Qi Er Lun had pledged loyalty to his own people, taking over the Tang Empire and crowning themselves the rulers would have been such a effortless task.

“Tu Da, every year my Uncle sends troops to advance, the people will not be able to make a living and are discontent. Under Li Shi Min’s rule, the nation is flourishing and prosperous. Why can’t everyone just live together peacefully?”

“I only want to kill Qi Er Lun, not to lead new troops to attack. Only after I have killed him, can I bring you back to the grasslands,and allow you to become my Princess.” His reason for killing Qi Er Lun was not only because he served the Tang Empire, but because the Turkish King has promised him; as long as he kills Qi Er Lun and exacts revenge for him, he will give the seat of king to him.

Princess? All of Uncle’s sons had died in the war, and Tu Da’s words had allowed her to figure out what was going on; but she only wanted to become the Princess of the Tang Empire.

“Tu Da, you are not Qi Er Lun’s opponent.” Although he was the number one warrior, his martial prowess and knowledge was not sufficient for him to beat Qi Er Lun.

“Really?” In one pull, he made her sit on his thigh, his hand traversed across her well rounded body. “Well let’s wait and see.”

Lan Yun knew the situation she was in, she did not struggle or resist. Her body writhed at his touch. The submissive her, had matured since he last saw her.

Her attitude had changed dramatically, becoming enchanting and flattering. She hooked both hands around Tu Da’s neck: “Tu Da, if you want to kill Qi Er Lun in the camp, then you most definitely will not be able to kill him. I have a method to lure him out. Don’t you want to hear it?”

Tu Da narrowed his eyes: “But he is your husband. Will you be so good as to help me? What game are you playing?”

His hands were currently on her well developed breasts, roughly kneading them.

“Ouch!” Lan Yun protested, but continued to explain: “With Qi Er, I am only a concubine at most, but with you, I can become a Princess.”

This was truly Lan Yun’s personality, to curry favour, to see the wind and then set the helm.

(TLN: I think i don’t need to explain the first one, but the second one means to act flexibly and take advantage of the situation.)

“Speak. What method do you propose to help lure Qi Er Lun outside?”

“We need to lure his Princess out. Once we have his princess within our grasp, killing him will be simple.” She needed to use him to lure Fang Yun Luo away, so she could notify Qi Er Lun and let him chase Tu Da back to the grasslands.

“Princess?” Wasn’t that the female doctor which saved the whole Tang Army, which even included some of his brothers. He respected this woman from the bottom of his heart, and he even wanted to bring her back with him. There was doctor in the grasslands with such skill.

“That’s right. As long as you capture her, Qi Er Lun will appear.”

“How should we capture her?”

“Come forward a bit.”

Lan Yun whispered her scheme into Tu Da’s ear. Tu Da just nodded his head, while hatching his own plan in his heart.

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