The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Husband Chapter 7 Part 2

Chapter 7 Part 2

Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

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“I will undo your seal later.” But there was no way it would be now. She could potentially retaliate, an eye of an eye, and press his pressure point.

“When will you do it?”

With his kisses, he gentle caresses her body, gradually warmth started to spread throughout her body.

Shifting position, Qi Er Lun moved between her legs. “ I will soon undo the seal.”

He entered her wet, hot body, and when she was screaming out in pain, he undid the seal, simultaneously kissing her deeply.

Undoing the pressure point now made no difference, for she was still weak. She didn’t even dare to move an inch. She was in so much pain! She was afraid that as soon as she moved she would be ripped to pieces.

Qi Er Lun inhaled the sweet fragrance that was emitting from her body. After he broke through that barrier, he buried himself in her soft body.

It was strange to say, at that moment, the hollow feeling in his heart was no longer present. That feeling of satisfaction he received from Lan Yun’s body, suddenly seemed so insignificant.

“Luo-er, Luo-er, this Lord will definitely properly pamper you.” This was an unforgettable experience. This bodily feeling was thoroughly imprinted in his heart.

“My Lord, I want love!”

Her pain was gradually subsiding and she liked the feeling of becoming one with him. This feeling of ecstasy made her lose her wits, while also striping her of her shyness to him, this allowed her to tell him that what she wanted was love.

“I will love you.”

In his heart, obtaining his pampering, is equal to obtaining his love.

something like that.

A good time passed like this, all the way until the candle burned out and the sky started to lighten.

Fang Yun Luo was exhausted and fell asleep but was soon awoken. She gently shook Qi Er Lun, from within his embrace.

“Luo-er, is it because you want to go again?” He had no qualms about that, but he was afraid that she would be unable to bear his excessive needs.

“That’s not it!” That joyous taste of love felt good, but she was aching all over. “This one has some things she wants to talk with you about.”

Discarding her tone of referring herself as a servant made her much cuter. He buried his face in her neck, enjoying her fragrance, and mumbled: “What things?”

“If one day you on longer pamper me, would you allow me to live my life free and how I want to?” After the tenderness and affection left her body and mind, she began to worry about what will happen to her once she loses his love. She did not want to be left alone to suffer in the mansion.

“Luo-er, that day will definitely not come.” Without even thinking, Qi Er Lun decisively replied. This answer had come from his heart.

“I am saying if it comes.” She also wished that such a day would never come.

“I already promised you that I would not take anymore concubines. So don’t let your imagination run wild.” He had also promised to pamper her, so why did she make him agree to this?

Could she really be a jealous woman? But no matter what type of woman she was, it did not matter. After having her, both his body and mind were truly satisfied. He also believed that no other woman was able to give this to him.

“Since it’s like this, what harm is there for you to agree to my request?”

Fang Yun Luo was touching his body’s scars, and did not expect them to be destined like this. But in her heart, she held a fear that it would not last forever.

Her words made perfect sense, while her touch caused another wave of desires to rise in him. Flipping over, he pinned her down, he wanted her desire for him to outshine all others. He then said: “Then I will promise you, but that day will never come.”

“This servant thanks the Lord.” Fang Yun Luo said in a soft and adorable tone. Giving into his embrace she bore his seemingly inexhaustible and passionate demands.

“Qiu Yue, where was the Lord the entire night?” Although Lan Yun was lying in bed, she could not wait for Qi Er Lun to return. Last night, she could not sleep a wink.

“To answer Lady Yun’s question, the Lord had passed the night with the Princess.” This was what she had heard from Jin Xiu this morning. Recently while she was helping bandage the injured, she had become friends with Jin Xiu. She had also discovered where the Princess resided.

“What? Could you repeat that.”  Lan Yun widened her eyes and glared at Qiu Yue.

Qiu Yue innocently looked back; she only spoke the truth. If the Lord wanted to go the Princess’ place, what could she do? She timidly repeatedly: “Lady Yun, last night, the Lord passed the night with Princess.”

Lan Yun was unable to accept this and vomited. After vomiting for a while, she nearly fainted.

As Qiu Yue supported her, and stroked her back anxiously she asked: “Lady Yun, how are you? Do you want the Princess to come over and check your pulse?”

Ask the Princess to come over and check her pulse? “Okay, then we’ll invite the Princess over.” That way, the Lord should also come over as he will follow her.

“I will go now.” Qiu Yue immediately left the room.

When she arrived at the door of the Princess’ room, she met Jin Xiu.

“Jin Xiu, Lady Yun had just vomited and nearly fainted. She wants to invite the Princess over to check her pulse. Has the Princess risen from bed yet?”

“Not yet. I want to ask you about the Lord spending the night with Lady Yun. At what time does he get up? It is already three am, and I don’t know whether or not to go in and pay my respects.” The lord….he was still sleeping with the Princess, causing Jin Xiu to be at a loss.

“The Lord always gets up really early. He has never gotten up this late before.” Qiu Yue’s expression was the same as Jin Xiu’s nervous face. She was afraid that if the Princess took too long before coming to check Lady Yun’s pulse, she would receive a scolding.

Lady Yun had always treated her quite well, but ever since the Princess entered the mansion, her moods had became very erratic. She was her personal maid, thus she had to bear the brunt of her anger.

(TL:Treated her well? Belittles her and constantly points out she is not as pretty?)

“Then should I go in and pay my respects?” Last night, the Lord did not tell her anything before telling her to retire. What if the Lord oversleeps and misses an important affair, she would not be able to bear the consequences. But if she was to rashly enter and pay her respects, and the Lord and the Princess were acting intimately, she was also unable to bear the consequences.

She was completely unsure which decision was the best.

Although the two maids were speaking softly, they had still disturbed the intimate pair.

“My Lord, we ought to get up now.” Fang Yun Luo said as she attempted to open Qi Er Lun arms and leave.

“Shouldn’t those two maids be punished? Chatting loudly so early in the morning.” He was still holding her tightly, unphased.

“What early morning, it’s already five am.”

“So what if it’s three am. Today I don’t intend for you to leave the bed.” He said as he passionately kissed her, his heart was truly satisfied.

With all his wealth, power and his promotion, even with a devastatingly beautiful woman at his side, his heart had never truly been satisfied, however with her in his arms now it was..

Last night’s passionate event, he dreamed that he took her back to the great plains with him. Living in a cave blossoming with purple gems, while he practised his martials arts, she was refining her medicines; wasn’t that happiness.

Yet this dream was shattered by those unknowing maids outside.

Fang Yun Luo also did not want to get up, for the feeling of being held in his arms was extremely good, but……”My Lord, you heard what Qiu Yue said. Lady Yun is feeling unwell, so I must go over to check her pulse.”

“Let Yan Yue go.” He fondled her breast, teasing her while tasting her.

“My Lord.” With great difficulty she lowered her voice, afraid that her voice would travel outside. She continued to protest softly:

“If you still won’t get up, I will press on your twelve points, and allow you to lie in bed all day. Then I will order people to carry you over to Lady Yun. I will no longer serve you!”

“Are you threatening me?” Swiftly he pinned her down, and causally pressed on her pressure point, and without saying anything he thrust into her…………….

(TLN: I think we all know what ……….. means. Also the author wrote ……… too.)

“My Lord, please spare me!” She was soon unable to bear his excessive and passionate demands.

Qi Er Lun knew that he had over-indulged last night, but he was still dissatisfied. “I can spare you. Say that you want to serve me every night.”

“I will serve you every night……..”

He looked at her in satisfaction at her obedient appearance. After laughing for a few moments, he undid the seal.

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  1. I’m confused about the time… how is 3 a.m. late in the morning? it’s the middle of the night… I don’t quite get it.

    Anyway, I hope it won’t end well for LY.

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  2. Hahaha FYL got tricked! QEL is cunning! And that LY, vomitted? Mmmm, she is overly stressed, not able to be the princess, not able to manipulate QEL & planning to harm FYL, QEL gonna hand her more than she can stomach once he found out!


  3. Why does FYL thinks QEL will keep his promise of setting her free when he never kept his promise of not touching her in exchange for her saving his life? The man is obviously not a man of his words when it comes to women. Tsk tsk tsk …

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