Hey guys! How y’all been these days? Anyway, I had sometime these weeks and finally completed a teaser chapter for the manhua of: Phoenix Against the Firmament (Phoenix Against the World) 凤逆苍穹 (凤逆天下) – 路非; this can be easily accessible on Book Shusheng. 1 chapter a day is a very slow pace and isn’t much work tho. Anyway, I may pick this up, but at most it’s 1 chapter a week and won’t affect the MP releases.

Comment on what you think of this series:

🐥☁✨ – Chapter 1


*If anyone else is doing the hard work of translating, or the author has a problem me tl-ing, then I’ll stop immediately. 🙂




It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on the original site. XD Anyways getting to the point, I realised although there is a MP glossary on nao, I can’t keep constantly updating it so, it will stay behind.

So to supplement that problem, MP GLOSSARY, I’ve posted a link to the actual glossary I use while translating. May not be all pretty layout and stuff, but it’s got most of the important things with add-ons everyday or so. That way you guys can keep up to date and not get confused.

Until the next blue moon post then

MP Volume 1 Chapter 31

How’s ur week been? Weekend is here! Anyway, please join me in giving Pang V. a biiiiiig thank you in sponsoring this chapter. I have to say, the Momo doesn’t stick to the classic Xianxia storylines. The revenge plan by Su Mu ends up in a very shocking and unexpected manner.

I am shocked…..

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