Donations & Schedule

The schedule for Martial Peak will be:

3 regular chapters a week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Chapter Translating Chapter Translating Chapter Sponsored Chapters  Translating

With releases at around 9:00am-10:30am EST (Australian Time)


$30.00 AUD for each sponsored chapter (a max of 2 extra chapters will be released each week. I’m changing it because a mass of school work as come and it was a bit less considering the chapter length.)

Released at random times, when I am have time and depends on when I finish.

Though I may just release regular chapters some weeks, so I can catch up to sponsored and keep up translations. Doing this in my free time so, can only have this much. Currently it takes me about 1-2 hours to completely tl a chapter, or longer when I get bored. Usually I try to tl one chapter per day. Maybe in the future, I will release daily, but it’s undecided for now.

* Please email me at if you wanted to say anonymous for sponsored chapters and how to be called.


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